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A New Channel for Personalized Customer Support

Rony Glass | Dec 4, 2022

It is exciting to be a part of a company like AIVF with a meaningful mission to develop technology that impacts lives and families. As part of my new role as Head Of Customer Success & Support, it was clear that we needed an advanced communication solution that could be available 24/7 via our website and our AI software platform.

“Intercom provides a truly unique and effective platform for customer communication.”

Moving from fighting fires to preventing them

Instead of feeling like a ticketing system, the messaging chatbot is conversational. Intercom leverages a combination of proactive, self-serve, and human support capabilities to make this happen. This enables AIVF to create personalized experiences for our customers as well as prospects or other visitors to our website.

The AIVF team is now leveraging the proactive support to alert customers when needed and evaluate common questions which may identify a need for additional training or education. Intercom enables the AIVF team to have a direct line of communication with its customers where they are, working online, or in the near future, within the EMA platform at their clinic.

Synchronous engagement

Email has been the default solution for communication in the business world. However, people have work to do beyond reading and replying to emails. Huge Inboxes filled with unread emails reign and slow down many business processes. With email, onboarding and engaging with customers can be very complex – if things need to be sent and then re-sent, it can take a lot of time and slow down the process.

“Selecting Intercom was an easy decision. We can inject a truly human experience within our communications with customers. Most important, we can react and respond better and faster.”

Always-on education

The Intercom interface gives prospects and customers access to much more than messaging.

With the Intercom Messenger, people can access help center articles, recent news articles and even FAQs about our industry-changing AI platform for fertility clinics. Customers can quickly get in touch with the Support team and, in the near future, ask AIVF’s custom-built Resolution Bot for help with an issue directly from their EMA dashboard.

“This is a completely seamless and integrated experience. We look forward to adding elements such as Product Tours to communicate updates about EMA’s feature offering.”

Cross-functional collaboration for our customers

Within AIVF, each of our teams – product, marketing, R&D, and support – has different reasons for communicating with prospects and customers. By working closely together, we are ensuring that our company remains focused on developing and delivering products that reflect customer needs.

“For me, that is the meaning behind being customer-centric.”