AIVF and Genea Biomedx enter a partnership to jolt the $50B IVF Market.

Transforming the fertility journey

For every individual who hopes for a child, аnd for those who help them make it a reality

About Us

AIVF is a reproductive technology company transforming the fertility journey. The company was founded by fertility experts for fertility experts.

Our proprietary AI software platform is based on scientific research and driven by real-world clinical use to help fertility clinics optimize IVF processes and outcomes for individuals seeking assisted reproductive technology to build their families.

AIVF is empowering a new generation of tech-enabled fertility clinics.

The Team

Daniella Gilboa
Co-founder and CEO
Prof. Daniel Seidman
Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer
Prof. Dan Ariely
Chief Behavioral Officer
Jason Krebs
Chief Business Officer
Amir Sarig
Chief Financial Officer
Maya Kaplan Atrakchi
VP Operations & Legal
Ron Maor
Eyal Ohayon
VP Engineering
Pam Schwartz
VP Marketing

Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Barry Behr
Prof. Barry Behr
Stanford University
Dr. Nikica Zaninovic
Dr. Nikica Zaninovic
Cornell Weill Medicine
Dr. Marcos Meseguer
Dr. Marcos Meseguer
IVI Valencia
Prof. Lee Shulman
Prof. Lee Shulman
Northwestern University/RGI
Dr. Colin Howles
Dr. Colin Howles
Founder and Executive Vice President Scientific Affairs

EMA Software Platform for Clinics

EMA™ is a SaaS platform which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to assist embryo evaluation and support operational efficiencies in IVF clinics.

Embryo evaluation is performed by trained scientists, known as clinical embryologists, in the IVF lab. The EMA platform acts as the Fertility Operating System, providing automated and objective insights to augment the embryologist in embryo evaluation.

What EMA Delivers

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