Revolutionize the
fertility journey

For those who wish for a baby,
аnd for those who help them

Our vision

AiVF aims to democratize fertility care for those who dream about having a baby and for those whose mission is to assist them. We provide the IVF clinic with a proprietary FertilityOS™ platform that changes the “art” of IVF into a more data-driven and predictable science. Our EMA™ FertilityOS™ supports the IVF laboratory, clinic, and patient through every phase of the fertility process.

AiVF ensures that the entire fertility journey is personalized and successful

The Team

Daniella Gilboa
Co-founder and CEO
Prof. Daniel Seidman
Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer
Prof. Dan Ariely
Chief Behavioral Officer
Ido Hershkovitz
VP Product and Regulation
Amir Lewkowicz
Chief Commercial Officer
Amir Sarig
Chief Financial Officer
Ron Maor
Lior Naim Alon
Head of Software
Liron Frumerman
Head of Social Media
Maya Shapiro
Research Manager
Roy Gross
Product Manager
Odelia Yechiel
Data Architect
Tal Weiner
QA/RA Manager
Ilan Bowen
Senior DevOps engineer
Izack Tuaf
Full Stack Developer & Data Scientist
Ron Amir
AI Researcher
Michal Shelef
Tamar Schwartz
Noa Shachen Tov
Administrative Manager
Nitai Binstock
Jr. Software Developer

Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Barry Behr
Stanford University
Dr. Nikica Zaninovic
Cornell Weill Medicine
Dr. Marcos Meseguer
IVI Valencia
Prof. Lee Shulman
Northwestern University/RGI
Dr. Colin Howles
Founder and Executive Vice President Scientific Affairs



EMA™ is a SAAS platform which uses proven artificial intelligence (AI) technology to equip clinics with a complete operating system for the fertility journey.

With decades of clinical, research, and technological expertise, our world class team is built by leaders in the IVF field who saw the need to transform fertility treatment from a costly and inconsistent process into a patient centered, efficient and fruitful journey.

What EMA™ Provides

EMA™ has received CE marking by the European commission and complies with ISO 13485 medical device standards to provide the highest standard of safety, security, and
transparency. If you are interested in learning more about EMA™ – Please reach out to us.

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